Messing About Page

Some fighting going on here.

I’m going to add some text to this page just so that it looks like a page. Of course, I realize that nothing I write here will actually appear on the web-site, but that is hardly important is it. I suppose I really aught to add something more: maybe a picture or two as well. Here goes.

Well, I decided to put the pictures at the top, but of a scrap between my Gnolls and Nick’s rather nicely painted Dwarfs.

Right – now how can I add a navigation menu to this page?

This is where I got to yesterday and forgot to save what I’d done. So. Let’s try a new block with a list (it’s a special block).

And this is an image gallery.

This is the 75 Minifigs Catalogue, which I’ve imported entire to see if it was possible to download it.