Messing About Page

Some fighting going on here.

I’m going to add some text to this page just so that it looks like a page. Of course, I realize that nothing I write here will actually appear on the web-site, but that is hardly important is it. I suppose I really aught to add something more: maybe a picture or two as well. Here goes.

Well, I decided to put the pictures at the top, but of a scrap between my Gnolls and Nick’s rather nicely painted Dwarfs.

Right – now how can I add a navigation menu to this page?

This is where I got to yesterday and forgot to save what I’d done. So. Let’s try a new block with a list (it’s a special block).

And this is an image gallery.

This is the 75 Minifigs Catalogue, which I’ve imported entire to see if it was possible to download it.

Minifigs Numidian riding one of the original ponies designed for the PB range.

This is a media+text block – the font size, style and print and background colours are set from the bar to your right – under Block. The alignment of the paragraphs (top/centre/bottom) and relative position of the picture (left right) are set by selecting the block once you have entered the details.

If you keep going the text block stays in alignment… it appears!

And… you can re-size the picture by grabbing it and it automatically adjusts the text to fit.

Ceramic Tea Bowls

A tea bowl is a central item in the traditional tea ceremony. In our shop you’ll find one-of-a-kind, handmade bowls and cups made to order in our ceramic workshop. Each of our bowls is a unique creation so please allow for slight variances in shape and color. The bowls are glazed with special food-safe glazes.

We’re also offering unique, handmade ceramic mugs as well as original sets, consisting of tea, cups and matching tea pot, perfect for gifting.

The section above is a sample from the block inserter ‘patterns’ section – you can find that by clicking on the top left of screen square with a + sign next to the image of Rick the Scribe.

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