Warlords of Erehwon

Warlords of Erehwon is a fast-paced fantasy tabletop wargame written by Pixies me, Rick Priestley, and published by Warlord Games. The game is designed for modestly sized forces – 30 to 50 models is plenty – which we describe as warbands, but it is entirely scalable for larger armies too.

They shall not cross… zombies attempt to force a way across our bridge defended by a cyclops… mash, destroy, mayhem… and so on. The big dice is our turn marker and is just telling me this is the start of turn 2… you don’t need especially large dice to play the game… no indeedy.

Game Play

The game mechanics are inspired by and based upon the Bolt Action gaming system, which uses a ‘dice draw’ to determine sequence of play and accumulated ‘pins’ to represent penalties to fighting efficiency. Warlords of Erehwon employs both of these mechanics as well as the tried-and-tested D10 system used for my Beyond the Gates of Antares science-fiction game. Our fantasy game is therefore a development of these earlier systems, and I freely acknowledge my debt to Alessio Cavatore the originator of the Bolt Action game.

Why Fantasy?

So why a fantasy game? Like many of my compatriots I own umpteen or more fantasy models. These have been collected over the years, in my case going back to the 1970’s and extending to examples of contemporary ranges picked up here and there on a whim. Dusting down some of that collection

Ral Partha Goblin Archer
Goblin archer from the old Ral Partha range.

was the first step on this journey and set the tone for the whole project. Temptation has led to new forces joining old warriors and rekindled an enthusiasm for fantasy wargames that brings us to here… wherever here is!

What Models Can I Use?

Traditionally, fantasy wargames are set in a unique world background and have factions, races and creatures specific to that setting and frequently owned exclusively by one manufacturer. Warlords of Erehwon doesn’t do that – instead it presents a gaming system that can be adapted to any fantasy setting you like. Players who already possess forces they have used for other games can use them to play Warlords of Erehwon too. So long as models are individually based there is no need to change bases. We want to use the collections we have already or which we wish to expand or collect anew. Models can come from any source – or sources – the whole realm of miniature manufactures is ours to enjoy, ancient and modern. Use what models you have – add what models you like.

Where is Erehwon?

Erehwon is not a place at all – it is literally ‘nowhere’ backwards as I’m sure you will have twigged – it is more properly ‘everywhere and anywhere’ drawing its sources from mythology, legend, folklore, fiction, film, TV, other games and our own imagination. The Warlords of Erehwon rulebook

Lucid Eye Cosmic Vault range
Uriel of the Sands of Titan – from the Lucid Eye Cosmic Vaults range

includes lists for eleven different warbands. These were originally put together in the form of stat lists and aide memoire to play our own games: Barbarians, Beastmen, Dwarfs, Elves, Gnolls, Goblins, Halflings, Knights, Olympians, Orcs and Undead – as well as a twelfth list of the various Monsters. These core force lists are either drawn from traditional fantasy sources (we all know what a Dwarf is like right!) or subjects that happen to have inspired us at the time. For example, the release of some splendid Gnoll models from North Star led me to assemble a Gnoll Warband, the Olympians owe much to Nigel Stillman’s penchant for the legends of Greece, whilst my own love of Irish folklore may be evident in the Barbarian list.

Erehwon Online

These pages form an online resource for the game and have been put together by myself in order to make sure that coherent and timely support is there for players that want it. The site was initially created as a home for updated versions of the original warband lists, rules corrections and updates for the game. However, I shall also be posting new warband lists as these are developed, as well as articles about the game and – I am sorry to say – such blathering as strikes me on the subject of fantasy wargaming and models.

To navigate the site use the menu at the top of the page. This will take you to the posts concerned. For example, to find all of the current pdf downloads for the army lists go to the Army Lists category. You can also use the tags to find all the posts about specific forces, and so on.