Download the official errata for the first printing of the Warlords of Erehwon book here.

This section includes the errata for the first printing of Warlords of Erehwon. Note that the second printing and online pdf version of the game already incorporates most of these these errata. Errata added subsequent to the second printing are indicated thus: (2nd print) and will be updated as and when time allows.

This fine old sorcerer comes from the Garrison Sword & Sorcery range – a sorcerous blast from the past!

30/9/21 Added correction to Follow-on Combat

Points Values

Download the V1.3 pdf guide to working out points values in Warlords of Erehwon.

Warlord Games Druids engaged in a furious game of ‘paper, scissors, stone’ .

24/09/19 – Included new weapons from Reptilian list and expanded section of weapons and multiple attacks.

09/12/19 – Re-phrased explanatory paragraph on costing variable elements to avoid confusion over costing Wounds.

19/10/20 – Added points value for Flail, Chain mace, etc

Rules Updates

The intention is that this section will include further rules updates as well as alternative and expanded rules for the game, developmental projects and anything rules related.

Snakey here is a plastic reptilian spawned from the North Star Snakemen plastic box set.


Download the 2.2 version of the Gnoll Warband army list here.

Gnoll from North Star

18/05/2019 Champion entry – removed erroneous option for Tough 2 and corrected points value for Tough 3 option.

25/05/2019 Shaman entry – corrected points cost for upgrade to Magic Level 2